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Weert Boys TalentstarZ

TalentstarZ Boys: The TalentstarZ program is for boys for the first time in the summer of 2023. This year’s sports-technical program is more in line with the individual wishes of the participant. By means of a personal questionnaire, the personal goals of the participants will become clear prior to the camp week. In this way, the participants can spend most of the week working on the elements of their choice.

In addition, we have a new location where we will do that. Weert has a brand new gymnastics hall and we are going to use it. SportstarZ has a program especially for gymnasts who want to get the very best out of themselves. Are you the gymnast we can meet on the podium of national and international competitions in a few years’ time?

Go and taste the atmosphere of top sport for a week of your summer holiday. In addition to gymnastics training from top trainers at a top sports location, there are also training sessions from a mental coach and you learn everything about the life of a top athlete.

Admission requirements for the TalentstarZ camp areTalentZ Camp: age between 9 and 21 years and trains more than 8 hours a week.

The SportstarZ TalentZ program consists of 5 days of intensive training. The trainers ratio is 1:6 or 1:5, so a lot of individual attention. You’ll be primed to make the jump to the top!

Sporthotel Moorselse hoeve

The TalentstarZ program consists of 5 days of intensive training. Video equipment is available at all gymnastics training to analyze your technique. The trainers ratio is 1:6, so a lot of individual attention. In addition to gymnastics training, there are mental training sessions from a sports psychologist. You’ll be primed to make the jump to the top!

After gymnastics we stay in a top sports environment. Sporthotel de Moorselse Hoeve has fourteen beautiful, cozy quadruple bedrooms that are fully equipped, such as a separate shower and toilet. A coach takes the gymnasts daily from the Moorsel farm to the gymnastics hall and back. A professional chef provides a healthy sports meal every day. This way you can get used to the life of a top athlete.

TalentZ of today, are the StarZ of tomorrow



  • TalentstarZ
  • Training at the top level
  • Training in the new top sport gymnastics center Weert.
  • Maximum 12 participants
  • Mental coaching with a sports psychologist and working on personal goals
  • Trainer ratio 1: 6
  • Transport to gymnastics hall by coach
  • Video support.
  • Training 2 x every day at a top sports location
  • Stay in a sports hotel
  • Full board
  • Bed linen provided
Program TalentstarZ
Weert 2023
  • 24 – 28 July 2023