SportstarZ stands for quality. With the greatest care we have selected the best locations for our athletes in order to experience an unforgettable sports week. Our sports facilities are among the best sports centres in the Netherlands and Belgium, were we use the latest techniques and equipment.

Also our accommodations we select based on just that little extra, so no fuss with stretchers and tents but atmosphere, comfort and cosiness. A real 13th century castle ‘Slot Assumburg’ in Heemskerk (Amsterdam); or a super luxury sportshotel for top sport (Weert) or a great gymnastics hall from Epke Zonderland (Friesland). Whichever location you choose, SportstarZ ensures our athletes can focus on the most important thing, having an unforgettable sportive time at SportstarZ.

Amsterdam (NL)


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Amsterdam gymnastics hall can compete with the best and most advanced locations in the Netherlands. It’s no surprise Dutch top athletes train here on a daily basis. We do not only train in the best location, also accommodation, dinner and recreational activities are gold at this camp. What about residing in a real 13th century castle in ‘Slot Assumburg’?

Friesland (NL)


Turnhal Heerenveen

This top location is fully equipped for practicing top sport. This hall has a free exercise floor, pitfalls, salto belts & raised surfaces. Not for nothing is this the training location of many top gymnasts such as Olympic champions Sanne Wevers, and of course Epke Zonderland.

Limburg (NL)


Weert SportstarZ

SportstarZ offers this new concept for those gymnasts who would like to get the very best out of themselves. (Limburg TalentstarZ). Are you that gymnast who we’ll find on national and international competition stages within a few years?

Overview of data and locations 2022

  • 18 July – 22 July Friesland SummerstarZ Girls
  • 25 July – 29 July Limburg TalentstarZ Girls
  • 25 July – 29 July Limburg TalentstarZ Boys
  • 25 July – 29 July Limburg SummerstarZ Boys
  • 8 Aug. – 12 Aug. Limburg TalentstarZ Girls
  • 15 Aug. – 19 Aug. Amsterdam SummerstarZ Girls