for parents

Information for parents: SportstarZ is the first professional gymnastics camp of the Benelux. Most important for management and crew is to offer your child a instructive, fun and save sports holiday. In order to achieve this, we exclusively work with well trained staff and KNGU or Gymfed qualified gymnastics coaches. All important information, route and ICE phone numbers are send to you through our voucher which you will receive approximately two weeks before departure.

day program

(indicative depending on week and location)

  • 07:30 : waking up
  • 08:00 : breakfast
  • 09:45 : to the sports centre
  • 10:30 : warming up
  • 10:45: morning training
  • 13:00 : lunch and time to relax
  • 14:15 : afternoon training
  • 16:30 : change and back to accommodation
  • 17:00 : time to relax
  • 18:00 : three-course dinner
  • 19:00 : evening program with theory training and evening game
  • ***:*** : bedtime depending on age


We aim to classify our participants in groups of similar level and age in order to get the best out of training. Boys and girls will be sleeping separately in their own bedroom / dormitory. If you have informed us about your ‘sleeping next to’ preferences we will do our best to answer these wishes unfortunately this is not something we are always able to guarantee.

Meals and diets

Every morning breakfast buffet, (packed)lunch and at night our chef serves us a healthy warm dinner. (Vegetarian) diets for dinner can be stated on the registration form, please bring alternative breakfast and lunch diet products. Feel free to provide your child with some (pocket money for) sweets, preferably (responsible) sports snacks, but please with moderation.

Location and times

Information for parents: On the voucher (which will be send approximately 2 weeks in advance through e-mail) you’ll find a route description and the final onset. As an indication: Participants are expected the first day around 9:00 h am, the last day we finish the week around 17:00 h o’clock.


During the last training of the week participants will show what they’ve learned during a spectacular demonstration were parents, friends and family are very welcome.


Please leave valuables at home! It is possible to entrust valuables to our crew but this is at one’s own risk.

What to bring?
  • Gymnastics outfit
  • Lunch first day
  • Towels
  • Sweat suit
  • Sport shoes
  • Swimwear
  • Sunscreen
  • Sports bag
  • Slippers
  • Warm(evening)clothing
  • a Magnesium bloc
  • Toiletries
  • Bedding is provided at the hostel.