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Amsterdam-talentstarz-girls :SportstarZ offers this new concept for those gymnasts who would like to get the very best out of themselves. (Amsterdam TalentstarZ). Are you that gymnast who we’ll find on national and international competition stages within a few years? Do you live and breath gymnastics, age 9 and up and hold at least a SportstarZ-TalentstarZ-limit*? In that case this TalentZ Camp will be definitely it for you!

This new SportstarZ concept offers 5 days of intense training. During all sessions video equipment is available to analyse your techniques. We offer a trainer to gymnast ratio of 1:6 so even more individual attention is guaranteed here. In addition to the training sessions you’ll also be coached by professional mental sports coach and receive mental training. You’ll definitely be prepped to make the leap to the top!

Slot Assumburg

After the training we reside in an optimal sports environment in order to fully recharge again. Slot Assemburg modern and very comfortable bedrooms with excellent beds for a great rest and all with private bathrooms. Gymnasts will be transferred daily by coach. Our professional chef will prepare our daily warm sports meals . This way you can get used to the life of a professional athlete.


TalentZ of today, are the StarZ of tomorrow



  • Amsterdam-talentstarz-girls
  • Girls only
  • trainersratio 1:6
  • 2 training sessions each day
  • Max 30 participants
  • Training from toptrainers
  • Coaching van mental coach
  • Stay in luxery hostel
  • Full board
  • With own touringcar to the gym
  • Bedding provided
  • Video-analyses

talentstarZ Amsterdam is for the next generation top atletes.

You train more than 8 hours / week at your own club!

Girls 9 – 18 years

Program TalentstarZ
Amsterdam 2020
  • 20 july – 24 july 2020