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SportstarZ Gymnastics Camp is the largest and most professional organizer of Gymnastics camps in the Benelux. SportstarZ international Gymnastics Camp is the place to be in the Benelux for improving your gymnastics skills. Would you like to get the very best out of yourself and, at the same time, enjoy an unforgettable holiday week? Join SportstarZ Gymnastics Summer Camp.

SportstarZ 12 years #1 of the Benelux

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SportstarZ Gymnasticscamp is a professional collaboration between multiple Dutch top-gymnasts, the best gym trainers- and coaches, the most advanced gymnastics centres.

Our SportstarZ crew consists of professional supervisors, multiple experienced top gymnasts and, through our KNGU (royal dutch gymnastics federation) well educated, enthusiastic gymnastics coaches. Our vision focuses on improving gym techniques, quality over quantity.

There are two levels of summer camp:

Summer Camp: Boys & girls, age between 8 and 21 years and trains 2 – 8 hours a week

TalentZ Camp: Girls, age between 9 and 21 years and trains more than 8 hours a week.

Groups are divided based on age and level to ensure everyone can optimally train at their own level. We have a 1:7 ratio, so one trainer at 7 gymnasts!

We train twice a day about. In our vision technique is the basis of every sport and therefore we believe it’s essential to start learning the right techniques at a young age. This summer camp is not only about training; SportstarZ combines gymnastics with fun recreational activities. Through this you’ll experience a unforgettable summer camp because we believe in our slogan: ‘Performance comes with pleasure!’

two different

There are two levels of summer camp:

  • Summer Camp: age between 8 and 21 years and trains 2 – 8 hours a week
  • TalentZ Camp: age between 9 and 21 years and trains more than 8 hours a week.
comes with pleasure

European gymnastic educations are of high standard. However, due to a lack of time and recourses these educations are not always able to get the best out of training. SportstarZ exclusively works with professionals at the most advanced sports sites. This is why a SportstarZ gymnastics camp adds value in addition to your regular training.

During this intensive training week SportstarZ has everything at its disposal to offer an educational time. During the week we make use of mobile video support. This is the same technical support our national athletes use. This way you can directly look back and see what to improve.

Would you like to come and train at SportstarZ than you can choose between different sites in Amsterdam , Rotterdam, Eindhoven, Zwolle each with it’s own specific features.


“Spend a whole week on your gymnastic passion. A lot of training, learning a lot, in a beautiful sports complex and making new friends. That is what SportstarZ offers.

You will improve your performance! Especially if you can train twice a day “



Our training programs have been set up professionally. There is a lot of attention for gymnastics where all elements are treated during the Gymnastics Camps. At SportstarZ we work together with top trainers who have a lot of experience at national and international level. To provide optimal training, we have a large guidance group, which means there are many opportunities for individual attention. With a trainer-to-athlete ratio of up to 1: 7 (TalentstarZ 1: 6 or 1: 5), athletes receive optimum coaching in all aspects of gymnastics. The total size of the group can vary from 20 to a maximum of 45 participants per week. SportstarZ trains according to the latest gymnastics training methodology.

Holiday !

Although we love nothing as much as gymnastics it’s also a holiday, so beside lots of training there’s also plenty of time for other fun activities. Some of them we organise for the whole group but of course there are also enough opportunities to have a nice chat or play games with your (new)friends, sit back and relax in the sun or read a book. Recreational activities vary depending on the chosen week, weather conditions and possibilities.

Video analyses

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We use various recording and analysis equipment.

Dare to perform excellent !

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Which camp suits you?

Holiday and fun

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Performance comes with pleasure. Besides a lot of training, there is also a lot of time for fun.

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